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165 70 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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165 70 R14 all-season tyres: The perfect choice for small cars

165 70 R14 all-season tyres are its dimensions ideal for economically-minded drivers with a high standard of driving comfort. Optical leave the narrow weather tyres especially on small cars like the Fiat Punto or Audi A1 an excellent impression.

Optimum traction on snow and ice

The dimensions of a car tyre determine to a large extent its properties. Here, the rolling resistance is determined, for example, about the width of the tread. Narrow tyres generate a low rolling resistance, resulting in a low fuel consumption. Furthermore, the surface pressure increases with decreasing tyre width. Especially when driving on snow-covered asphalt this becomes noticeable as the Pneu here can sink deep and the profile thus ensuring optimal grip. About the tyre height, however, the ride comfort is an all-season tyre influenced. The following applies: The larger the tyre height, the more comfort of car tyres. This is due to the rubber layer of the tyre, which becomes thicker with increasing altitude and thereby dampens the vehicle better.

Short braking distances on wet roads with the weather tyres Nankang

With an inside diameter of 14 inches, the 165 70 R14 all-season tyres for discreet the 14 inch wheels are designed. The relatively small wheels affect the comfort positively and fuel consumption. - A number of well-known suppliers like Vredestein Hankook or offer their tyre model as a 165 70 R14 all-season tyres. With good results, among other things cut Nankang N 607 AS from car tyres. Especially in the wet grip the tyres achieve a very good class B classification in the EU tyre label. This indicates that the weather tyres on wet pavement during emergency braking (80 km/h) up to four meters less braking distance will need a Class C tyres. In fuel consumption, the 165 70 R14 all-season tyres Nankang deliver a good performance.

Low fuel consumption, excellent travel comfort and compelling performance make the 165 70 R14 all-season tyres for optimum tyres for small cars. Particularly convincing: the Nankang N 607 AS-weather tyre.

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