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165 65 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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165 65 R14: The all-season tyre for all seasons

With the dimensions 165 65 R14 all-season tyres as buyers opt for fuel-saving tyres comfort who know how to convince especially in snow and heavy rain. Visually come all season tyres this size at best small cars in bringing out Opel Corsa, Renault Clio or Mini.

Low consumption and high levels of driving comfort

165 65 R14 all-season tyres have a relatively narrow tread. This peculiarity of the falls rolling resistance tightly. This has a positive effect on fuel consumption, which increases with broadens tread. Furthermore, resulting from the narrower tread advantages when driving on snow-covered ground: The total weight of cars distributed to a total of a little face, which is why the state printing large precipitates. Thus, the tyre tread reaches deep into the snow and the grip increases. In addition, tyres have a low risk of aquaplaning with a smaller tyre width. When it comes to comfort, the tyre height of 165 65 R14 all-season tyres is noticeable and provides excellent damping and smoothness.

The Vredestein QUATRAC LITE: quality tyre with superb handling characteristics

Particularly balanced attributes know the tyre series Vredestein QUATRAC LITE on. The high-quality 165 65 R14 all-season tyres an excellent result in energy efficiency as well as in the wet grip and the EU tyre label each with the class C (AG) in. On the topic of driving comfort quality tyres inspire with smooth running and low road noise while driving. The table gives the external rolling noise with a value of 68 decibels. The 165 65 R14 all-season tyres Vredestein have the speed index T and are thus approved for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

On snowy, wet and dry roads has the dimension 165 65 R14 all-season tyres as a high level of driving safety and comfort. In addition, the tyre size which offers low fuel consumption. As Vredestein QUATRAC LITE weather tyres, they are also very strong and.

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