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155 70 R13 Car All-Season tyres

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Worth knowing about 155 70 R13 all-season tyres

Winter tyres or summer tyres? Who lives in a little snowy areas and would like to save the tyre change, can grip normally worry about good all-season tyres. For compact and small cars that are on the road, especially in the city, 155 70 R13 all-season tyres are a good choice.

Weather tyre for compact cars

155 70 R13 - these figures say from how wide and tall the Ganzjahrespneu. 155 70 R13 all-season tyres are 155 mm wide, the ratio to the amount of 70 percent, they are radial tyres and have a diameter of 13 inches. So it is rather small tyres that are designed for correspondingly small and agile racer. Most 155 70 R13 all-season tyres are allowed to speed category T that allows a top speed of 190 km / pm - perfectly adequate for city driving. Good weather tyres have the M + S mark which proves suitable for winter driving.

All-season tyres, reliably in both summer and winter

Which all-season tyres can be left as in winter, in the summer? The check tests of different magazines and the ADAC. Good cut, among other things, the Goodyear all-season tyres in this size from, with a strong performance on dry and wet roads and a relatively low wear. In addition to driving safety is also the driving comfort for motorists important. The relationship between tyre width and diameter is very balanced at 155 70 R13 all-season tyres, so the tyres are well on the road, are smooth-running and can be managed easily.

Who is primarily on the town and need not fear high snowdrifts, with 155 70 R13 all-season tyres in style year over safely. In 13-inch wheels , the compact tyre make also an athletic figure.

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