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155 65 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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155 65 R14 all-season tyres: An excellent choice for small cars

Being of size 155 65 R14 all-season tyres as buyers get more energy efficient tyres with excellent handling characteristics and a pleasant smoothness. In appearance, the quality of maturity make especially on small cars such as the Fiat Panda or Audi A1 a good figure.

Fuel-efficient thanks to low rolling resistance

A narrow tread in connection with a large tyre height is ideally suited for creating fuel-efficient all-season tyres with a high standard of driving comfort. With a tyre width of 155 mm, the 155 65 R14 all-season tyres provide only a very low rolling resistance. The rolling resistance has a direct influence on the fuel consumption, where: With decreasing rolling resistance also decreases the fuel consumption. In addition, the narrow tread for low rolling noise, which comes the comfort at the best makes. When it comes to comfort, the tyre height makes of 100.75 millimeters (155 mm * 0.65) positive impact. Through them, the tyres have an effective damping, because the tyres are made of a lot of rubber.

Low noise and excellent wet grip

Excellent results in the 155 65 R14 all-season tyres segment reach the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 . Especially in the wet adhesion, the weather tyres at their best show. Optimal handling and short braking distances are the result of it. In EU tyre label wet grip with the class C (AG) is specified. By comparison, a vehicle with tyres of class F is required in wet conditions up to 11 meters more during emergency braking (80 km/h) stopping distance. Good results are also achieved in the energy efficiency and the external rolling noise covered with a value of 71 decibels from relatively small.

Who is looking for economical and comfortable all season tyre that also ensure high driving safety, is the right place for the 155 65 R14 all-season tyres. A direct purchase recommendation there for the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 in this size.

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