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155 65 R13 Car All-Season tyres

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155 65 R13 all-season tyres: First-class comfort tyres for small cars

Excellent handling characteristics on snow and ice as well as low fuel consumption offer 155 65 R13 all-season tyres. For vehicles in the small car class narrow-weather tyres are an excellent choice. In addition, the tyres inspire a high level of driving comfort.

Narrow tyres convince snowfall and heavy rain

The width of a car tyre essentially determines how high the rolling resistance. The smaller the rolling resistance, the smaller the fuel consumption. 155 65 R13 all-season tyres are equipped with a small width and are therefore absolutely fuel-efficient. In addition, the narrow tread has a direct impact on driving in snow, ice and heavy rain. On snowy road benefiting all season tyres assuming that the total weight of the vehicle is distributed only to a relatively small tyre area. This increases the pressure on the ground is large and the respective tyre tread can optimally engage.

Low rolling noise by low rolling resistance

The 155 65 R13 all-season tyres are not only convincing by excellent handling and low fuel consumption, ride comfort is pronounced. This is due to the tyre height, which also determined the amount of rubber of tyres. Since rubber has an inhibiting effect increases the driving comfort of a tyre with height. In addition, a narrow tread leads as in 155 65 R13 all-season tyres for low rolling noise. Especially recommended are the all season tyres series Maxxis MA AS in size 155 65 R13. The inexpensive weather tyres are marked in the EU tyre label for wet grip with the C class - a good value. The fuel consumption is slightly worse: Class E. convinced, however, can ride comfort and low external rolling noise by 70 decibels.

155 65 R13 all-season tyres are fuel-efficient and comfortable. The driving characteristics, the tyres show especially on snowy roads at their best. A cheap and good car tyre this dimension is the Maxxis MA AS.

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