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145 70 R13 Car All-Season tyres

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145 70 R13 all-season tyres for mini cars

The driver of micro and small cars often choose 145 70 R13 all-season tyres, because they bring the optimum all-round properties for use all year round. In addition, all-weather tyre by its price a good alternative for winter and summer tyres. Since the seasonal tyre change can be omitted as well, a further price advantage exists in favor of all-season tyres.

Focus on quality

All-season tyres have to have a lot of good properties, to ensure optimum safety in different climatic conditions. This requires also at 145 70 R13 all-season tyres a balanced rubber compound and a reliable all-weather profile. Latest tests approve the leading premium manufacturers such as Goodyear , Fulda or Dunlop the optimal implementation of these requirements. Silica rubber compounds and optimized to ensure water drainage profile in all weather and all seasons sufficient traction and brake values. Despite weather tyres must always be seen only as a secondary alternative to the reported summer un dWinterreifen.

The M & S marking should not be missed

Small cars such as the VW Polo or Opel Corsa fitted well with 145 70 R13 all-season tyres even in wintry road conditions. An M & S symbol but should not be missing on the tyres, so that they meet the legal requirements meet. The existing Winterreifenpflicht not force for drawing special winter tyre, but puts the vehicle owner on to drive a corresponding weather tyres. 145 70 R13 all-season tyres meet these requirements, as they give the particulars needed for winter use M & S markings. So that the motorist is secure in controls and also in an accident to the police and the insurance. The products of the premium manufacturers also frequently have the snowflake symbol, which they additionally qualified for use on snowy or icy roads.

Especially in the field of micro and small cars 145 70 R13 all-season tyres can be used as an inexpensive alternative to summer and winter tyres. An all-season tyres high requirements that are best met by the products of the premium manufacturer. These also have the necessary in winter operation M & S markings and thus meet the required by law for all seasons properties.

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