Ready for the challenge

With Matador tyres you're ready for any mission, because they've been developed by professionals. Matador's many years of successful experience in tyre development is reflected in its dynamic, efficient and modern products. With Matador you're ready for any challenge.

As part of the prestigious Continental Group, Matador has a long tradition of meeting high quality requirements, thanks to European production and technological competence.

The Matador brand stands for the following key values:

  • Dynamic → A modern brand full of energy, very active with big ambitions
  • Experienced → More than 110 year of experience in the tyre industry
  • Prepared → A wide product range covering all segments and all weather conditions


1905 - Matador Rubber and Balata Plant

1925 - The first tire produced under Matador brand in Bratislava

1930 - The system of connecting the iron and rubber has invited. Matador gained the patent rights

1950 - 1st May production of tires was launched

1976 - Start of ALL STEEL truck tire manufacturing

1990 - Gumarne Barum Puchov - state joint stock company

1993 - A new generation of winter tyres called MP55 under preparation

2000 - Matador developed a new generation high-speed tyre MP41 Aquilla

2004 - Matador has joined the 4x4/SUV segment with new products - MP71 Izzarada A/T and MP91 Nordicca

2004 - Matador introduced the first A/S tyre MP61 Adhessa ˗

2007 - Continental AG has acquired majority of the shares of the MATADOR Rubber Division

2010 - Complete control of shares by Continental AG

Passenger tyres / SUV / 4x4 / Van


Current campaign approach

  • To create a scene, we use a black and white design of the whole visual background using a red car in the motion/action
  • That is just the way we see the dynamism as one of the key values of Matador brand
  • Backgrounds / surroundings always represents challenge for the tyres, cars and drivers as well

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