General Tire - anywhere is possible

Based on the brand's American Heritage, General Tire has proven its ability to compete in the ever changing tire industry with manufacturing and technological advancements for exactly 100 years. With its large and interesting choice of patterns and sizes, General Tire continues the long tradition of being the customers’ choice when it comes to Quality, Value and Performance.

Today, General Tire has a complete line of tough, durable and ultra-high performance tyres for Passenger Cars, Light Vans, SUVs and Off-road 4x4 to meet our customers’ needs.

With General Tire “Anywhere is possible” – there are no limits with a strong and valued brand. This mission statement is used to convey all aspects of performance, handling and durability across the full spectrum of driving situations. This position has been established by fully integrated range development activities, understanding and continually meeting customer expectations in our global markets.

Van Tyres for your everyday adventures

General Tire is your robust and reliable partner in every driving condition, from a family vacation, to the kid‘s football game or driving to work. General Tire offers products you can rely on for the little adventure in your everyday life.

Your 4x4 Specialist

Whether you’re driving on paved roads or navigating un-charted territory General Tire offers SUV and 4x4 drivers robust and durable tyres for every application. This is traditionally one of General Tire’s core competences with its American heritage.

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