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Cooper tyres Discoverer at3 4s are all-terrain tyres that are most suited for occasional off-roading. A rate of around 25% off road and 75% on road is probably best. In reality, most people buy these tyres to help traverse all weathers on city, country and town roads. They do pretty well in very wet weather and even in snow. The only road conditions they suffer upon are those with lots of bio matter (leaves, farm matter, etc.), and black frost covered roads.

Cooper Discoverer at3 4s tyres Characteristics

When you buy Cooper Discoverer at3 4s tyres, you get a good all-season tyre that has a long tread life and works well for occasional off-road experiences. They are low-maintenance tyres, which may suit some SUV or 4x4 drivers who mostly spend their time on roads, but who want the option of safely going off-road on medium/light terrain and/or in muddy/wet conditions.

They are not fuel efficient, but no tyre with thick tread is ever going to be as fuel efficient as a regular road-only tyre. They are average in handling wet areas, which shouldn't be a problem if you are driving at sensible speeds.

Cooper Discoverer at3 4s price

Your average Cooper Discoverer at3 4s price is in the middle-lower range. There are different varieties, so paying and little more will buy you some added benefits. Nevertheless, get your Cooper Discoverer at3 4s online because offline stockists will overcharge in most months other than on that run-up to winter. Every other season, offline stockists will overcharge people who turn up wanting these tyres.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cooper Discoverer at3 4s tyres

They are built to withstand freezing temperatures, and even though they are not experts at braking in the wet, they do very well off-road in moderate conditions and on light-to-medium terrain. For that reason, your Discoverer at3 4s Cooper are pretty low maintenance. They can even withstand a little over loading if it is necessary.

They only really suffer on rocky and tough terrain, or in areas where burrowing particulate may damage that rubber. Their performance dips if they are exposed to wet bio-matter, such as leaves, compost, etc., but hosing them down restores them back to full functionality.

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