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Studded Winter Tyres

If you are looking snow spikes for tyres, then you will need to buy specialist tyres the already have snow tyre studs. Tyres with studs are winter tyres. In fact, they should only be used when there is snow on the ground, and/or when the roads have a layer of black ice. If you are going off-road, then tyre studs may be useful over black ice, over compact snow, and over very cold, hard and icy terrain. Otherwise, you should stick to winter tyres and/or specialist off-road tyres.

Studded Winter Tyres Features

The best studded winter tyres are able to handle a completely icy road or surface. You can put them on an icy pond, and they will be able to grab the ice itself and propel the vehicle forwards. Under most circumstances, winter tyres grab the terrain and move the vehicle forward, but the best winter tyres with studs will actually grab the ice itself and push the vehicle along. A good thick winter tread may be all you need to get through the winter snow and ice, but if things are especially thick and even your best winter tyres cannot get through, then studs may have the answer. They push through the ice, which creates the grip, that then allows for forwards momentum.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Studded Snow Tyres

Only use your spiked tyres for snow, for thick ice, or for hard and icy terrain. The studded winter tyres price you pay is only worth the money if you are using these tyres under very harsh conditions. If you use your studded spiked tyres on the roads, then you will damage the roads, and you will blunt the tyre studs. This leads to the tyres being less effective when they are driving through harsh conditions.

Getting the Best Spiked Winter Tyres

If you are looking winter tyres with spikes, then you will really need to shop around because studded ice tyres are difficult to find. They are considered a specialist item, and so there are very few companies that stock them. In many cases, you are better off picking a winter-only tyre that has a very powerful grip. You will also have to consider if the tyres are off-road or on-road tyres. Sometimes, off-road tyres have very thick grip and studs. The studs help push the vehicle or bike through ice, and the thick tread helps to push through muddy terrain. On their own, metal studs in tyres will help you navigate through ice and snow but are not so great with wet mud.

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