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21 inch rims

With a diameter of about 50 cm includes 21-inch wheels on the larger models in the range wheels. In the tuning scene, this dimension is very popular to give vehicles a more sporty look. SUVs, vans and trucks are also equipped with large wheels.

Wheels for a dynamic impression

The larger the vehicle, the larger precipitates and the tyre diameter: This equation is true today only in part. More and more motorists attach importance to a particularly dynamic look of their cars. This is increasing demand for large tyres and corresponding wheels. 21-inch wheels have therefore gained in recent years significantly in popularity. Instead only for trucks and vans are used today for high-powered sedans and coupes. In the tuning community rims with a diameter of 21 inches, among other are so popular because they have a characteristic curvature. The acts on the vehicle a particularly dynamic.

Aluminum and steel rims with 21 inch diameter

Aluminum wheels for passenger cars, SUVs and vans and steel wheels for cars and trucks -. The selection of 21-inch wheels is large aluminum wheels are lighter than the variants of steel, are better suited for vehicles intended to be driven in the fast pace. Aluminum wheels also sport by many different designs. Besides silver variants, black or even colored rims are available. Steel wheels, however, can carry heavier loads and are also cheaper. The tyre dimensions must of course match the 21-inch wheels. Larger tyres are usually also wider, thus offering a better grip and more safety at high speeds.

21-inch wheels allow not only the heart of tuners beat faster. For many top-class automobiles are the first choice today. Wheels with the appropriate diameter, there are both made of aluminum as well as steel.

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