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19 inch rims

Paint, bodywork, spoilers - there are many features that determine the appearance of a vehicle. Quite significantly the appearance of a vehicle is influenced by the wheels. Wheels not only fulfill a function by giving the tyre stability, but also be selected according to aesthetic criteria. 19 inch rims for cars are especially popular in the tuning scene.

Large wheels with high cornering stability

19 inch wheels for passenger cars, for SUVs and vans, for vans and truck tyres - the offer in this dimension is large. Rims with a diameter of 19 inches, converted 48.26 cm are for cars to larger versions. They are popular primarily for sports sedans and coupes. Their advantage is not only in the dynamic optics: The large wheels outfitted with an extremely high cornering stability. For vehicles that are driven at high speeds, this means extra safety. Sporty cars are particularly happy with aluminum wheels, which are available in many different versions.

Robust steel wheels for transporting traffic

While 19-inch wheels for passenger cars primarily include optics and safe driving, the wheels of vehicles and trucks also have to be particularly robust. Especially for trucks therefore steel rims are used. 19-inch wheels of steel are also available for cars and SUVs, are usually somewhat cheaper than alloy wheels and can carry heavier loads. Which material to motorists also decide the typical look of the big wheels they can enjoy in summer and in winter. Can be combined with the rim namely summer and winter tyres and all-season tyres all imaginable manufacturer.

19 inch wheels can come in many different vehicles. Sporty look confident on cars, high stability and load bring steel wheels with 19 inch diameter with for trucks.

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