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Sonny winter tyres: Quality by modern research

The tyre brand Sonny is still relatively young. It was founded in 2007, but then she made a rapid ascent, which it owes mainly to the fact that the Chinese operators rely on modern research to make the tyres of the house always better.

Sonny: The brand profile

Sonny is especially as a manufacturer of car tyres become known. The house attaches great importance to be able to produce fast, high quality and low. In China, the brand has therefore built a plant with a size of 800,000 square meters, where the tyres produced. The company also works closely with research institutes in the industry and at universities of the Middle Kingdom, to carry on this way, ensure to that the development of the tyre continuously and successfully progressing and at any time incur high quality Sonny winter tyres.

The special qualities of winter tyres Sonny

The winter tyres Sonny are assumed to be very high quality, yet affordable. Sonny produced this mainly for smaller road vehicles that would carry the designation small or medium car in Germany. The tyres feature a special profile structure which guarantees that they always retain full liability. Sonny winter tyres are in this way just for people who are looking for a durable and affordable investment in the field of winter tyres, a good output.

Sonny is a Chinese tyre brand, which has been launched in 2007 to life. It is characterized by a strong close of the research in industry and academia. In this way, Sonny winter tyres, which are cheap, modern and durable good. In particular, people who drive a small car make, with these models ensures a good grip.

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