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Sportiva summer tyres: driving fun in the city and on highways

If the sun is shining from the sky, the ideal time has come for a summer jaunt. Summer tyres but do not have to prove only in good weather, even in torrential rain and wet roads are to keep the track. Sportiva summer tyres offer impressive handling characteristics in any weather.

The most important facts about Sportiva summer tyres

Sportiva summer tyres are indeed inexpensive, but by no means of cheaper quality. They are manufactured tyres in the works of Continental , the world's fourth largest tyre manufacturer. All production facilities are located in Europe. Motorists can therefore rely on summer tyres and a high level. Sportiva summer tyres are available in various profile shapes, so every driver can find out for themselves the best models. Common to all are excellent aquaplaning characteristics, which make driving on wet roads for safe pleasure. Transverse grooves thereby forcing the water to the sides, the driver keep in this way always in control of their vehicle.

Matching models for each type of vehicle

The wide range of summer tyres Sportiva holds the matching models ready for a variety of different types of passenger cars. From small cars through to sports sedan all cars can be equipped with the high-quality tyres. Different speed classes will also be available. Sportiva summer tyres are also perfect for driving pleasure from the road: Carefully processed off-road tyres will delight SUV fans. In practical test all variants prove by their low wear. Even high temperatures can the special rubber mixtures harm.

Dynamic driving pleasure on all roads is guaranteed with the Sportiva summer tyres. Whether for the family excursion or jaunt into the area, the low-cost tyres are always an ideal companion.

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