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tyres in 255 60 R15 measure: quality tyres for SUVs and off-roaders

tyres in 255 60 R15 Dimension are made for off-road vehicles and SUVs. They feature a high performance on the road as well as excellent ride comfort. Unfortunately, there are few models in this tyre size.

Safe driving thanks to its wide tread

Their wide tread tyres provide high traction with 255 60 R15 measure. On the one which lies on the rolling resistance, which is relatively large and the other to the softer rubber compound. The rubber composition of the off-road tyres can therefore be selected soft, because the total weight of the vehicle spread even more tyre surface. By cornering grip and traction, handling and grip are significantly improved. The ride comfort is opposed by the amount of Pneus dependent: with increasing tyre height increases, the amount of rubber, which has damping properties. This gives the vehicle a smoother running.

Off-road tyres for the summer with M + S marking

Recommended in the area of the tyre 255 60 R15 Dimension is the Serie General tyre Grabber HP . These are summer tyres with M + S marking, which thus can be driven even with light snow and slush. Particularly well cut the tyres on at the braking characteristics and the handling on dry and wet asphalt. Here the individual profile image of the tyre becomes noticeable. The actual tread of summer tyres is permeated with a variety of different deep grooves. In this manner, water on the road surface to dissipate quickly aside. Additional fins at the side ensure improved cornering stability and shorter braking distances.

Although tyres 255 60 R15 segment are not often represented, they can convince. As priorities are to call the on-road performance as well as comfort.

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  • Cooper Cobra Radial G/T
    • 255/60 R15 102T
    • Car - Summer

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  • Hercules HP 4000
    • 255/60 R15 102T
    • Car - Summer

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