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AutoGuard tyre - good quality at a reasonable price

The high-performance tyres AutoGuard are coveted worldwide thanks to its low price and good quality. Specialized, the company specializes in the production of summer tyres on AutoGuard are available to buy.

Safe and powerful

The tyres from AutoGuard are mainly summer tyres. Thanks to this specialization, the company has a great experience and significant know-how in the field of tyre production - this also benefits the quality of the models. With its good handling on wet tram and the numerous good runnability tyres auto Guard could convince already million customers worldwide. Furthermore, also the small abrasion and the high load index should be emphasized, through which all the tyres from the Chinese manufacturer have. The wide range is also ensured that for almost every car model, be it a truck or a small car, can find a suitable product for sure. Especially popular are the models SA 802 and SA 902, which can score with an outstanding running performance and a very good performance. This also applies to the equally popular Model SA 604, which is with its low rolling resistance of the most popular standard tyre. All of these tyres are also on AutoGuard find.

Car Guard - Quality made in China

The tyre manufacturer AutoGuard finished his tyres already highly successful years in China. As a subsidiary of the prestigious SD International group AutoGuard can benefit from the considerable expertise of the parent company. Chinese cars will appreciate the quality and cheap car tyres Guard long. Also in the tyre market in the US and Europe, the company has thanks to the great demand in recent years, gaining more and more market share. Contributes to this, not least, specializing in the production of high performance summer tyre with at that visually can always convince. There are now a wide range of models and sizes, which can be seen under AutoGuard also.

Anyone looking for a quality yet economical tyres for his car, then look no further AutoGuard certainly. Because there are a large variety of models that have many good handling characteristics and know to convince with an outstanding performance and a safe handling.

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