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International markets in motion with Q8 oils

The Q8-brand is representative of Kuwait Petroleum International; this subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was established in 1983. It is tasked with refining and marketing, Q8 oils, lubricants, and various other petroleum derivatives, with a significant percentage of its global marketplace directed towards Europe and the Far East.

This international entity is the catalyst that co-ordinates all state-owned elements of the Kuwait oil sector into a single, highly efficient enterprise. This has been successful to the extent of “KPI” being recognised as one of the top-ten energy conglomerates in the world!!

Whether you buy Q8 oils online or from one of the over 4,400 service stations that extend across Europe, you will discover that this is a customer-friendly service provider dedicated to meeting and even surpassing the energy needs and quality demanded by consumers.

Transport and Q8 engine oils anywhere and everywhere

In addition to marketing some of the finest lubricants globally, including taking them into the air. When referring to oils, Q8 is also recognised as a brand providing energy to the airline’s industry, in the form of jet fuel at over 60 international airports. The quality and efficiency offered by their products is a reflection of the policies that are rigidly adhered to by Kuwait Petroleum and its worldwide dealership network.

The Q8 oils finder is a convenient and effective method for consumers to determine the exact lubricant that will best serve their particular needs. A comprehensive range of automotive lubricants is offered that are designed for the best possible fuel efficiency, and a reduced emission factor.

Kuwait Petroleum lubricants are subjected to stringent testing, designed to or surpass existing and determined standards by the leading independent industry organisations.

When you use Q8 motor oils, it’s more than a protection for your vehicle; it’s a part of dedicated innovation!

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