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Hi-tech BMW engine oil for motoring demands

The engine of your car, which to some owners may seem simple if they don’t look under the bonnet, is in effect a complex piece of machinery. It possesses a volume of moving parts, all needing to perform in a wide and varied range of circumstances and temperatures. Therefore, the oil you chose to protect your vehicle must have the capacity of coping with those operating conditions. BMW lubricants are formulated specifically to protect your engine against wear and corrosion, as well as to help prevent the build-up of dirt and deposits.

The factor of lubricants is a significant influence on your motoring experience. It relates to;

  • Vehicle performance
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Emissions

By using recommended BMW motor oil you are helping in the protection of your vehicle against engine wear, enhancing its cleanliness and extending the life of the engine. Assisting you in protecting one of your primary assets are the properties contained in the synthetic oil. They are oils designed to provide added protection for your vehicle against engine wear and high temperatures.

Greater efficiency and horsepower with BMW oil

The lower viscosity synthetic oil BMW promotes provides less resistance for the moving parts of an engine to contend with! Accordingly, your vehicle will have increased horsepower with improved fuel efficiency, in comparison to using conventional oil. The differences are that the semi-synthetic oil is a combination of traditional oils and synthetic bases.

Use the BMW oil finder to determine the correct oil for your vehicle. Keep in mind that completely synthetic oil does not contain any conventional oil, but utilises a synthetic base stock with a combination of additives. It’s designed to increase oil performance, resulting in highly-effective engine protection. This combination of high-performance lubricants and additives help:

  • Prevent wear
  • Keep engine parts clean
  • Easy-free oil flow
  • Maintain viscosity
  • Prevention of rust and reduced friction.

When you buy BMW oil online you are making an investment in your overall motoring experience, on the practical side and economically!

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