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Advanced lubricants technologies from Ambra oil

An example of how Petronas lubricants and operating fluids are approved for consumers is seen with Ambra lubricants. Subjected to stringent field and laboratory tests, the New Holland range has achieved the distinction of being recognised as being among the foremost protection for a mechanised application.

This is the new concentrate antifreeze-coolant developed under the highly regarded Petronas brand label for agricultural machinery and construction equipment. As with any producer of a lubricant or oil, Ambra ensures the formulation of the finished product provides high-performance quality protection. In this case it related to new-generation low emissions engines but with a high capability factor for other engine types.

High-performance protection with Ambra engine oil

If you’re seeking high-performing protective Ambra motor oil that offers an efficient high-dispersion of thickening because of soot formation then Ambra Mastergold HSP 15W-40 is your answer. The soot is the result of the usual combustion process of the engine. Effective protection and maintenance is required against this type of wear, especially with regard to the steering system. This can involve the camshaft, tappets and rocker arm.

This is a multigrade motor oil with high performance capabilities and offers maximum wear-prevention properties. They are designed to prevent the wear that occurs because of high mechanical loading, which can affect the couplings of the elastic piston ring and cylinder liners. In addition, a significant level of control over oil usage is implemented. Viewing the Ambra oil finder can provide you with information regarding the best lubricant for you particular purposes.

When you buy ambra oil online you are investing in a product with a high and continuous stability and long-term advantages. It is a lubricant that also provides users with significant anti-corrosive and anti-foaming properties that include non-ferrous materials, all of which, are tested and proven in the field!

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