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Ribble Cycles

363 Leach Place
Walton Summit Centre
Bamber Bridge
United Kingdom

Address Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday - 9.30am-5.00pm.

E-Mail: customerservice@ribblecycles.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1772 963400
Fax: +44 (0)1772 336200

Accepted payment methods:
Shipping via: UPS

Overview Merchants

Riding Ribble bikes is a special cycling experience; supported by multi-award winning high-quality machinery. Every bike offered is an original, with its own character that is integral to its hand-crafted design and which is tested by a specialised team of qualified mechanics. Created by a craftsman in the heart of the Ribble Valley, visit www.ribblecycles.co.uk and determine the individual bike that meets your particular needs!

In these days of mass production, customers are given the advantage of the Ribble Bike-Builder designed to provide the best available levels of customisation for you, as an individual rider. It is simply a question of designing and constructing a bike that you will be proud to own, one that meets your demands and created how you want it, in easy stages. A Ribble Cycles online store offers you the opportunity of making personal decisions regarding your new bike.

From selecting the frame that suits you, with the ideal group-set and wheels, your finishing kit preference adds that crucial personal touch. You also have the option of choosing one of the recommended products from the Ribble Cycles shop. It’s your choice!

The rewarding versatility of RibbleCycles.co.uk

The Ribble range of hand-crafted bikes is wholly inclusive of designer machines for road cycling, triathlon, TT, urban, cyclo-cross, track and beyond, with savings incentives, for example, the Ribble Cycles discount code. They are produced in accordance with exactly determined specifications that meet your personal requirements. It’s the crafts-persons desire to ensure the right person gets the right bike! In keeping with this personalised tone are the Special Offer Bikes.

These high-quality products are designer special-edition machines, such as a Ribble road bike, all of which have been selected by qualified experts to determined ready-to-ride specifications. They are offered at prices with big savings for you. Due to them possessing pre-specified options, customers reap the benefits with big savings, which sets them on the cycling road for significantly lesser investment.

Financial savings from RibbleCycles.co.uk

The fluctuating economies of present times motivate customers to seek the best quality and value for their money. Enter the new vibrant Team Ribble loyalty program, which provides the advantage to customers of being rewarded for their loyalty to the brand name. It’s an easy and convenient procedure that is motivated by the total value of purchases over a period of 365-days. The savings advantages are heightened for you with the still available and popular Ribble Cycles voucher code.

Customers who qualify will be rewarded with a determined exclusive ’Silver’ or ’Gold customer price’. Your personal loyalty price will automatically appear on items when logged into their account. Every purchase will contribute towards the customer Team Ribble qualifying amount thus helping to maintain their exclusive discount. To keep aware of how their account progress, customers are given the convenience, of being able to track how much they have spent.

Innovation and customer incentives from RibbleCycles.co.uk

This, in turn, inspired the introduction of the highly popular Ribble “clearance models.” They are Special Edition model machines offered to customers at a greater discount but aware customers know that they are generally only available in limited numbers and sizes. However, a Ribble bike shop can offer you the benefit of determined sizing or gearing changes, and even various other component options.

Handcrafted Ribble cycles are manufactured in England and tested by experts on some of the most rugged terrain. They are designed by cyclists for those who love the cycling experience!

If you have questions about the prices, the delivery, or the product offered, please contact the merchant at the following Email address:  E-Mail: customerservice@ribblecycles.co.uk