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Telephone: 0330 404 6002

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Shipping via: DHL, UPS

Overview Merchants

Protyre UK Customer Service is committed to providing the highest possible quality standards. It is an established formula, designed for their support and to benefit them with quality and value, seen in the processing of over 51,000 MOTs each year!

Protyre UK is part of the, largest independent wholesaler, distributor, and retailer of tyres in the United Kingdom, the Micheldever Group. Accordingly, the Protyre online store offers big brand, quality, and economic value.

The Protyre UK difference

When you visit www.protyre.co.uk you are assured of peace of mind. Safety is a primary consideration on the roads and highways today. Expert technicians inspect your vehicle and advise you regarding any issues.

Utilise Protyre UK contact information to experience why this distributor and retailer of tyres in the UK, sells over 6-million tyres nationwide!

If you have questions about the prices, the delivery, or the product offered, please contact the merchant at the following Email address:  customerrelations@protyre.co.uk

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