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mature Fulda offer high performance due to innovative technology

Fulda is a German company and has been one of the major tyre manufacturers in the world. For the production of truck tyres, SUV tyres, car tyres , etc. be long-lasting expertise and technical means used to ensure motorists a high road safety.

Development process is constantly improved

1900 Fulda was established as an independent company. At that time, as the production of various rubber products. Just six years later began the initial implementation of the Fulda tyres. With new inventions (equal pressure tyres, pneumatic tyres) in the tyre sector won the Group an increasingly high profile. The development and processing of the tyres through the merger with was supported Goodyear in 1962. No matter whether winter - or summer tyres: The tyres Fulda is one of the most reliable tyre models on the market. Development processes are continuously improved and ensure excellent performance on all road conditions.

Fulda mature and independent reviews

mature Fulda are characterized by a good price-performance ratio. Reviews confirm the quality of passenger car tyres, 4x4 or truck tyres. So shows the conducted recently test from Auto Motor und Sport that the tyre model Fulda EcoControl HP receives excellent values ​​in the aquaplaning and braking behavior and shines with good handling characteristics. Even the Fulda Kristall Montero 2 has according to the ADAC test good properties on wet roads. Overall Fulda were mature in recent years, more than 50 times in independent tests by the ADAC, Stiftung Warentest or Auto Bild awarded. One result of that is due to the high amount of research this company. Fulda tyres are available in all standard sizes. High quality, the positive effect on the driving behavior of smaller as well as larger vehicles.

mature Fulda are compact and guarantee excellent grip. Sporty drivers delight in a good handling with high-performance vehicles. Older people enjoy the comfort that brings this car tyre itself. The wide selection offers consumers a pleasant freedom. The high power, low fuel consumption or special solutions to meet every possible requirement.


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