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Sava is the first and most famous Slovenian tyre manufacturer. Thanks to innovative technologies and reasonable prices Savareifen are often the first choice for a safe and comfortable journey by car, truck or van. Sava manufactures tyres for cars in the middle and upper segment for the latest safety and quality standards. Available the Savareifen are available in all standard sizes for the ride dry and wintry roads.

High quality summer and winter tyres Sava

As tyre manufacturer Sava is long, the number 1 in Slovenia. Even outside the country sales of the game. Savareifen for trucks are a good example of the increasing market share of this brand on the European continent. In addition to truck tyres of the traditional manufacturer also manufactures tyres for cars, light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. Sava tyres are especially popular in the middle segment. The offer includes Savareifen for the summer season as the Intensa HP, Sava Perfecta or Intensa UHP. All three tyre models are available in different sizes, with the Intensa UHP is usually produced as a high-performance tyre for luxury saloons only in larger dimensions. The legendary Eskimo is available in the versions S3 and HP. It is perfect for safe driving on snowy roads.

Excellent quality at a low price

mature Sava have the EU label, which proves the high quality of these tyres in the first place. Besides confirming the EU label that all Savareifen meet the prescribed fuel efficiency and noise levels, and that they contribute to a lower CO2 emissions. Another attribute that speaks for buying Savareifen, is their low price compared to many competing brands. All brand tyres Sava promise high reliability and operational performance at a fair price. When tyres with a particularly good price-performance ratio that apply Sava Ganzjahresreifen to those of Adapto and Adapto HP belong. Both tyre models are suitable for use on dry, wet or snowy roads throughout the year.

mature Sava are an excellent choice for drivers who have a great need for performance and safety. In addition to high quality buyers from Savareifen can rake with reasonable prices. The brand offers tyres for different vehicle types and seasons. All Savareifen meet current and applicable to EU safety standards.


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