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Nexen tyres

Together with Kumho Nexen is one of the most famous tyre manufacturers in Korea. The company produces high quality car tyres, which are available at a reasonable price. Nexenreifen are preferred by drivers who want to give up good performance and increased safety in any situation. Nexenreifen are known primarily for innovative technologies that the manufacturers fuel efficiency and mileage improved.

First class tyres for all vehicle classes

Thanks to decades of experience and millions of tyres sold in all parts of the world Nexen is now one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the Asian continent. Nexen tyres are safe, reliable, and they have been developed for all current EU standards. For this reason Nexenreifen often used at the initial vehicle-known automaker. The brand manufactures tyres in all sizes and for all car classes. Besides high-quality summer tyre Nexen also produces tyres for the winter season . All Nexenreifen undergo various stress tests before series production, so that motorists are traveling safely in any weather condition.

High-quality car tyres for a clean environment

Some mature Nexen are equipped with modern technologies that provide greater fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. First and foremost is the Nexen N Blue HD, safe with the driver, comfortable and environmentally friendly travel. This is suitable for use on dry and wet roads with vehicles that can reach a maximum speed of 240 km / h. Like most other Nexenreifen has also the N Blue HD four wide grooves that enable reliable handling on wet roads. For particularly good performance during the winter season of Nexen Winguard makes. This winter tyre has an innovative profile structure that ensures increased even at the lowest temperatures grip and traction.

Nexenreifen are cheap, safe, and they promise a long life. Thanks to a long tradition manufacturers and the use of advanced technologies promises Nexen its customers an excellent quality tyres. Besides Nexenreifen is Kumho particularly sought after as Korean premium brand.

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