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Lassa tyres promise maximum performance

Be mature Lassa for cars light trucks, tractors and off-road bikes, SUVs manufactured. The Turkish supplier is an expanding company whose tyres are sold in more than 50 countries in the world. A company that produces with great commitment and a high amount of research quality tyre at a fair price.

The continuing development

Lassa was established in 1978th 1988 cooperation with the Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has been decided. In addition, the company name was changed to Brisa (Bridgestone Sabanci Tyre Manufacturing and Trading Inc.). However, the brand name Lassa remained. Today in more than 10 million Lassa tyres are produced. Due to new technologies and an ever-lasting summer tyre development and meet winter tyres the highest requirements of customers. Efficiency and performance combined in one. Specially developed tread design ensure excellent grip on wet and dry roads and improve safety on the road.

The constant driving comfort

In nearly all tyre models of Lassa tyres the long life and low rolling resistance is emphasized (less fuel consumption). So was SUV tyres "Competus HP" and the sporty car tyre model "Lassa Phenoma" by TÜV as the winner. These tyres have excellent properties in the area braking performance, handling and fuel economy. The Impetus Revo Lassa brought a good solution for medium-sized cars and sedans on the market to support a comfortable driving style. Lassa tyres offer the right option for every need. Motorists will enjoy a steady ride comfort which can easily be controlled to the border area.

The rise of the Turkish company was made possible mainly by the merger with Bridgestone. Renowned manufacturers who share their expertise on the subject of tyres and this be used for new and better developments. Brisa is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in Europe and is without doubt an asset to the tyre market. Lassa tyres offer maximum performance that can be a pleasure, the steering a vehicle.