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Kleber tyres reliably on all roadways

Glue one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Europe. The adhesive tyres are characterized by their reliability on dry and wet roads as well as their low wear. Anyone looking for car tyres is that meet high demands, making the right choice with this tyre models.

Versatile tyres for every need

Glue is a French company that made early attention with innovative developments in coming. End of 40s quality winter tyres have been produced that could withstand the winter conditions without any problems. Furthermore, were prepared in the following years, tubeless tyres, by the security rose to the streets. The company, based in Paris is the famous tyre manufacturer Michelin to. Numerous customers delight in terms of acquiring a cheap car tyre that promises a high quality. Kleber tyres are available in numerous versions which are suitable for the most diverse conditions and vehicles. Basically, the consumption of each vehicle operator is covered with the wide range.

Good braking performance and low risk of aquaplaning

mature adhesives are known for their excellent pattern design. Water is well absorbed and dissipated on wet roads. Motorists will enjoy the advantage of a better braking performance and a lower risk of aquaplaning. For vehicles of upper middle class, the tyre model "GLUE HYDRAXER" that promises comfort and liability is. Kleber Krisalp are models that are conspicuous by their good characteristics on wintry roads. Short braking distances, excellent traction on icy roads and easy handling give the driver a sense of security. In addition to the summer - and winter tyres, among other things are all-season tyres and truck tyres produced.

Kleber tyres offer a complete range, which will satisfy every customer. Structures that guarantee a long life and a good grip. Reviews of independent magazines show that it is high quality car tyres, which have a good performance in comparison to its competitors.

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