Gibbs Quadski – with 72 km/h both on land and water

So far, Quadski is the fastest watercraft, which at the same time goes on sale as a street-legal vehicle. The ninth prototype of the inventor Alan Gibbs is now to finally finish the series of economic failures in Gibbs house and prevail as a production model. It takes just five seconds for Quadski to turn itself into a watercraft. At the push of a button, tyres and rims are folded up and a jet ski drive is set in motion. Both on water and on land, Alan Gibbs' new vehicle reaches top speeds of up to 72 km/h. It is a motorbike engine (1.3 litre, 4 cylinders, 175 hp) of the BMW AG that drives the nearly 600 kilogram hybrid of Quad and Jet-Ski. With a length of only 3.20 metres, the amphibious vehicle is small and agile, making it suitable for both "sports enthusiasts" and for use by "law enforcement agencies, first responders and other professionals," according to Gibbs.

Quadski is Gibbs's ninth attempt

Quadski is the ninth prototype developed by the Gibbs Sports Amphibians company in the field of amphibious vehicles. More than $200 million and 15 years of work were invested in the water-efficient single-seater, which goes on sale this November on the US market – just in time for the 73rd birthday of the New Zealand company founder. The manufacturer has meanwhile registered more than 300 patents for the development of amphibious vehicles. Economic success, however, has not been achieved so far. The predecessor of the Quadski, a Mazda variation called Aquada, had been denied the street approval due to lack of airbags. The Quadski, by contrast, falls under the law into the "Off-Road Vehicles" segment, and that removes many requirements that apply to other vehicles.

A new way to move

Alan Gibbs describes the new amphibious vehicle as a "completely new way to move." Created "for all nature lovers, off-road travellers, hunters and fishermen", it offers "a combination of performance, safety, comfort and versatility never available before."

Quadski switches to water mode at the push of a button. © Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc.

The market launch in Europe is planned for 2014. Quadski should also be available to the local buyers in red, yellow, blue, silver and black. Whether the new vehicle, however, can prevail as a production model, or will it enter the Gibbs history just as another expensive toy for wealthy adventurers, remains to be seen. Ultimately, this will be determined by the willingness of the Gibbs-inspired nature lovers to invest the rather haughty cost contribution of € 30,000 in the new travel experience.

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