Why fit Goodyear OE tyres?

Goodyear is a brand of firsts – it was the tyre on the very first mass-produced Model T Ford when it rolled off the production line in 1908. Our tyres were on the first vehicle to break the land speed record in 1965 and it was Goodyear Tyres that touched the surface of the moon in 1970 when Apollo 14 touched down on Goodyear’s XLT tyres.We brought drivers the first off-road tyres (Rut-Proof, 1921), the first tyres to keep rolling after a blowout (Lifeguard, 1934) and the first mass market tyres for wet conditions (Aquatred, 1991). More recently Goodyear won one of Time magazine’s Best Innovations of the Year in 2012 for its Air Maintenance Technology and at the Geneva Motorshow in 2016, launched its Eagle-360, a visionary tyre concept for future autonomous vehicles.

Goodyear globally was highlighted as the world’s most admired motor vehicle parts company by Fortune magazine. As one of the world’s largest tyre companies, our two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. Innovation is at the heart of our brand alongside an uncompromising focus on safety. Goodyear is also the brand that BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Porsche, Ford and Fiat, to name a few, choose as a strategic OE development partner.

Car & Driver

Advanced tyre technology that has taken us to the moon and back. It’s why prestigious car manufacturers choose Goodyear premium tyres. The right tyre help driver optimised driving experience, after all the tyre was built for the car...

• To deliver optimised vehicle performance and ride

• And are a crucial component part of the vehicle

They’re the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface and as such, greatly influence the driving performance your customer experiences.

Get a grip on the road

Our tyres are bespoke-designed to the:

• Marque

• Model

• Type

• Specification

Some of the factors affecting tyre design:

• Handling – Dry/Wet/Stability Steering Feel and Response

• Braking – Dry and Wet

• Ride Comfort – Impacts/Harshness/ Flat Spotting

• Noise – Smooth/Rough Surfaces/ Cabin/Pass-by

• Treadwear – Wear/Rates/Regularity

• Rolling Resistance – Fuel Efficiency

Delivering trust

You can trust Goodyear to provide you with a range of innovative highly engineered tyres bespokebuilt to help your customer retain vehicle and ride performance and integrity.

At the lab

A lot goes into a tyre at the The Goodyear Research and Development Laboratory. For example, a tyre that performs well in the wet AND in the dry and a tyre that delivers fuel efficiency but also lasts a long time. A tyre has to deliver performance in conflicting design and development areas.

Be Assured

The Original Equipment (OE) tyre is built bespoke to each vehicle, tuned to each chassis and designed to deliver optimum ride and performance.

The end result

A tyre helps deliver your Customer Promise to recommend and fit the correct OE tyre to ensure optimum ride and performance

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