Grabber HTS60 replaces the very successful Grabber HTS product line

The tough highway terrain all-season tyre that provides the perfect synergy of comfort, durability and performance for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. A General Tire product line for pickup, SUV and full-size crossover owners, replacing their tyres for the first time, and beyond. Extremely well balanced product performance with significantly improved tread life over it’s predecessor.


  • Multiple block edges and sipes
  • Robust compound
  • Ultra high strength steel belts
  • Broad contour
  • Reduced number of sipes on LT pattern compared to metric pattern


  • High number of grip edges
  • Increased block stiffness
  • Excellent Cut and Chip resistance
  • Exceptional penetration resistance and uniform footprint
  • Wide, flat footprint with even pressure distribution


  • Excellent ride quality and exceptional grip in wet conditions
  • Improved stability under heavy load conditions and improved tread life for LT sizes
  • Improved tread life in rugged terrain conditions
  • Confident stability under all approved load conditions
  • Even wear, excellent braking and responsive handling

Size Range

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