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Cms Wheel

The Cms rims are from companies CMS driven Automotive Trading GmbH. The company CMS Automotive Trading GmbH has its headquarters in St. Leon-Rot, in Baden-Württemberg in the midst of the Rhein-Neckar district. They offer the Internet to the Cms wheels, which are available in different color and design variations.

Cms rims with service and different variations

The Cms wheels are offered in two-tone paint and that means that the surface of Cms wheels are provided with two colors. This particular contrast is heightened by the matt or glossy polished surface of Cms rims. Apart from the different design, the optical effects of the design by the different color coatings are highlighted on the wheel struts. In addition, CMS also offers the service and appropriate utensils for the track Spreads to carry this out without optical degradation. For Cms rim and the offset spacers corresponding ABE and TÜV certificate are available.

Range of Cms

Besides the possibility of offset spacers Cms provides natural various wheel designs for all vehicle types. Furthermore Cms also offers specifically for car brands like Porsche performance wheels on how the rim models C12CB and C12 HGS or for the BMW Z4 the rim model C8-DMB. Furthermore, front polished rims for example the model C8-DMB and so all wheel models are specially designed for any type of vehicle and also from the optics of the rims are custom features available.

The company CMS Automotive Trading GmbH offers high quality and especially visually very different rim. The color differences and the various types of surfaces the wheels reflect the variety of products.

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