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Enzo alloy wheels

Enzo aluminum wheels are known especially in the tuning community. In the production of aluminum wheels much emphasis is placed on high processing standards. The Enzo aluminum wheels offer itself is small but nice. The wheel design gives each vehicle a special and sporty note.

Enzo Alloy rims - modern aluminum wheels with high quality materials

Behind the brand Enzo aluminum wheels hides the renowned tuning and car accessories manufacturer Alcar from Austria. The global shipping is handled by the German camp in Siegburg. Accordingly, here even the most demanding requirements by TÜV Germany come to fruition. Even with the cooperation with the suppliers of the raw materials that are needed for the production of aluminum wheels Enzo, the company provides high standards. So must be 9001 each business partner to ISO. All aluminum wheels have to pass a so-called Impact Test. The necessary security is determined and ensured at the curb collisions. Even Enzo rims must complete extensive load change tests before they receive their ISO 9001 certification. Only then can they be delivered.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Overall, only a few designs are available, including five-pointed and six-pointed aluminum wheels in a timeless design. These Enzo aluminum wheels are in the sizes selectable from 13 inches to 17 inches, including the Enzo H Enzo and the W alloy wheel. In this case is not only the entyre manufacturing process from Enzo aluminum wheels on modern techniques. The alloy wheels are all with an equally modern nano paint provided. Thus, the wheels can be cleaned much more easily from hard adhering dirt particles, such as annoying brake dust, also the rim is much less susceptible to influences such as road salt. Due to the extremely attractive price, the nano-paint and the sizes available, choose many car owners Enzo aluminum wheels with tyres in winter.

Due to the high material and product requirements, Alcar for itself and its suppliers in the production of Enzo aluminum wheels provide, the rims have may very well established in the market. Safety, comfort and timeless design combined with an attractive price-performance ratio are appreciated by customers.

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