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13 alloy wheels

13 inch alloys are used with small cars and very few hatchbacks. The small size of the wheel means that engines with a smaller capacity can use the wheels to attain and maintain higher speeds. Increasing or decreasing the wheel size too much will hurt the fuel economy and the ground clearance.

Same Wheel Different Material

The wheel size most commonly is available as 13 alloy wheels and 13 inch aluminum wheels. The alloy wheels were at one time an exclusive to very expensive cars. Ever since it has entered the consumer market, it has given steel wheels, in particular, a run for its money. The lighter alloy wheel improves the performance of the vehicle by shedding weight.
Aluminum wheels resist impact better and have a longer life. The wheels are generally bulkier and don’t slow down the car to the point of it being noticeable. 13 inch alloy wheels price is higher than that of the aluminum version.

13 Inch Alloy Wheels is The Right Choice

For use with a small vehicle, the best out of the two would be alloy wheels. As the car has a small engine capacity shedding weight means the engine has to work less to turn the wheel. In combination with low rolling resistance tyres the fuel economy of the car will noticeably change.

Besides the reduction in weight alloys exhibit both the strengths and weakness of the composites. That means the wheel has better strength and reduced flexibility. This means that the rim will cushion the impact while the tyre absorbs it.

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