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Yokohama S Drive: A high performance summer tyre

The summer tyre is the most widely-used tyres at all. Average it considers therefore only three to five years. therefore horsepower motors need special models easily allow for a high speed and in all their color quality long for other anyway. Yokohama S Drive meets both requirements and is not yet expensive.

Yokohama S Drive in profile

The Asian tyre manufacturer Yokohama tried with the S Drive, a car tyre to develop, which would be paid, would also fit full-size cars and could deal with extremely high speeds. therefore Yokohama S Drive offers an especially embossed profile that even at high speeds and humidity provides a very good adhesion and able to carry away much of the moisture from the car while driving. The tyres can be easily moved from spring to autumn.

The details of Yokohama S Drive

The summer tyre from Yokohama is radial type. It is available in a width of 195 millimeters to 275 millimeters. The corresponding wheel sizes are 15 to 19 inches. The Pneu also wears Aufschritt "Y" to allow the maximum speed that it allows indicate. Translated in Km / h means the "Y" up to 300 kilometers per hour. Yokohama S Drive can be therefore moved easily with all medium-class and most premium and sports car. It stands out thanks to a long life and is therefore the ideal combination of durability and reliability.

Who has a powerful car wants this also extend and experience the full pleasure of driving pleasure. With the Yokohama S Drive each holder of an appropriate vehicle receives a reliable summer tyre which provides long life and allow high speeds without any major problems.

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