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Yokohama Parada Tyres

Yokohama Parada tyres are made to provide a comfortable ride in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. The tyres are meant to be used for performance purposes while being able to fit on a range of vehicles. The even wear technology on the tyre makes it possible for the tyre to maintain a long life.

The sidewall design uses soft rubber to allow for slightly more sway while cornering, in doing so the tyre can maintain a constant contact surface to enable the car to handle better around corners. Yokohama Parada tyres can be fitted on performance vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

In all the vehicle types the tyre is made for use on the road. The flexibility of the tyre enables the driver to corner sharper by allowing the weight to shift easily while maintaining constant contact with the road below.

Summer design of Yokohama Parada tyres

Yokohama tyres are optimized for use in the summer. The even wear design on the tyre faces challenges in colder climates but propels the car forward on hot asphalt. The tyres are made to be economically priced to provide consumers with highway ready equipment that keeps the car glued to the road and maintain that grip while cornering.

The soft rubber composition lets the tyre expand and keep a steady grip on the road. The most important component is to ensure even tyre wear. Uneven tyre wear leads to more chances of a blowout and can negatively affect performance most noticeably around corners.

The central tread has dimples to distribute heat faster to reduce heat buildup and keep road comfort level at a max.

Yokohama Parada price

Parada Yokohama is meant to be affordable tyres built for performance. They do a great job handling different vehicle types about handling but suffer in dry to wet transition. On wet surfaces, the tyres don't grip as smoothly as they should, and the problem only worsens in the snow.

The tyres fall somewhere in the center of the price range concerning performance tyres. The function of the tyres is above average with a considerably solid grip on the road.


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