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Yokohama AVS Sport V102

Yokohama is a traditional brand that stands for sportiness and reliability. This also proves the Yokohama AVS Sport V102. This high performance tyre promises increased performance on dry and wet roads. It is perfect for sporty drivers who attach great importance to safety and driving pleasure.

Excellent choice for sporty drivers

There is probably no motorsport discipline in which Yokohama is not involved. The Japanese traditional manufacturer produces car tyres, which are often used on the track. For this reason, Yokohama tyres coveted by ambitious sporty. They allow the maximum load of the vehicle while increasing security. The Yokohama AVS Sport V102 is a newly developed car tyres with excellent characteristics on wet and dry roads. With a Y-shaped profile the brand emphasized visually that this is a high-performance tyres from Yokohama. The Yokohama AVS Sport V102 is repeatedly tested on the race track, the tyre has been exposed during each test phase, the highest loads.

More grip thanks to the Y-profile

The Y-shaped profile is a system that, even when some Yokohama-SUV tyre is used. The patented Y-shape water is discharged much more quickly, whereby the tyre reaches maximum in wet contact with the asphalt. In this way, the Yokohama AVS Sport V102 ensures more grip, while increasing the steering precision. In addition, the noise level is minimized, so that drivers can expect a more comfortable ride. The special rubber compound Yokohama this summer tyre ensures maximum grip on wet and dry surfaces. For the reliability of the Yokohama AVS Sport V102 is supported by the fact that it is used during the initial assembly of the Alfa GTA.

With the Yokohama AVS Sport V102 Japanese tyre brand opens up new ways for drivers with sporting ambitions. This tyre promises greater grip and excellent handling on dry and wet roads during the summer season. Besides high-quality summer tyres also are at Yokohama winter tyres available.


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