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Ultrac SUV Sessanta - a SUV tyre that would not compromise

The Ultrac SUV Sessanta to acquire a powerful summer tyres , which would not compromise in terms of safety and comfort. Thus, a perfect driving pleasure is guaranteed even under bad weather and road conditions in each case.

Improved stability and increased load capacity

The Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta is proving to be a powerful companion of the Ultra High Performance segment. This summer tyre from Vredestein impresses firstly with its wide tread, resulting in better roadholding and a particularly high stability. In addition, the Ultrac SUV Sessanta is equipped with a double rayon carcass layer and a strong belt, which gives the model a very high load capacity. Therefore, these tyres may be used from the home Vredestein even for heavier SUV cars perfectly. The innovative tread compound and the sophisticated tread pattern with four circumferential grooves is also made for a very good aquaplaning resistance and a very low noise levels while operating in the optimum control. Moreover, one can benefit as drivers of the high steering precision and the attractive design of this Pneus.

Vredestein - stylish and quality tyres

The tyre manufacturer Vredestein is internationally known for its stylish and qualitative tyres confidently and reliably even in poor weather and road conditions on the road. In addition to high mileage the score Vredestein tyres with its appealing exterior, which is designed in close collaboration with the globally successful car designer Giugiaro from Italy.

The Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta is proving to be a powerful and high-quality companion who is also highly suitable for heavier SUV cars. So you can benefit as drivers, among others, a very high stability and excellent roadholding and a direct steering response - properties that does not subside even in poor weather and road conditions.

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