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Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Tyres

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Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

A High Performance Summer Tyre


The Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA is a tyre designed to be top quality and top performance for a large variety of passenger cars.  The sleek, modern and stylish design allow for high quality performance.  The tyre is optimized to perform and be the best tyre on the market for passenger cars. The tyre is Vredestein's high quality summer model that is meant to be able to perform in both wet and dry weather conditions because of their parametric design along with their revolutionary design and sophisticated line pattern.  


High Quality Features


This tyre also boasts its handling tuned tread compound that allows it to have an extremely high track power and it allows for faster cornering.  This tyre also allows for the handling tuned sidewall principle for direct steering response and optimal contact with the surface of the road.  The tread and sidewall design also allow it to have a unique sporty appearance.  These design qualities only add to the appeal of this tyre.


Classy and Safe


The modern style and the high performance of these tyres are reflected in their external look and in their internal structure.  The black carbon structure of the tyre creates a stable foundation for the tyre and the polished outer design boast only the best ride and look for you and your vehicle.   The Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA is a tyre that make your summer ride in your passenger car a ride to remember.  From its stylish design to its masterful performance, this tyre is a top notch choice.

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