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Vittoria Open Corsa tyres

During 2015, Vittoria brought out a new tyre selection. Most of them were on sale from the beginning of 2016 with one exception. The exception was the Vittoria Open Corsa TLR, which today is their top of the line clincher road tyre. At the last minute, Vittoria decided to redesign the tyre, to make the tyre’s bead area stronger with a safety nylon band, and to improve the sealing capacity of the tubeless tyre version.

The decision to add the extra components was taken as Vittoria felt that as carbon wheels come with a sharper finish than those of alloy rims and there was a possibility of their cutting the rims. Hence, the solving of the problem by the addition of nylon chafers, and a rubber based coating as an aid to a perfect tyre sealing. This then makes the tyres Vittoria Open Corsa compatible with full-carbon tubes and tubeless ready rims.

Tyres Vittoria Open Corsa Vittoria

The claim from Vittoria is that the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CXlll is the world’s fastest racing tyre! The top clincher road bike tyre from Vittoria is also a clincher version of the tubular Corsa CX which is popular as the world’s best-known and most used road bike tyre. This is a tyre manufactured with the highest quality components of Corespun 320 TPI cotton casing, PRB 2.0 flat protection, as well as ISO grip rubber compound.

The Vittoria Open Corsa Evo 25C tyre is 28mm in width on a 17C rim, considered to be large for a 25C tyre. However, it feels very fast with a subtle tread, and, unlike most other road bike tyres, it actually comes with a tyre equipped a very thin tread pattern. 

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