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Toyo Tar23

The Toyo Tar23 is a high-performance tyres for sedans compact and middle class. He promises a sporty driving dynamics with improved comfort. Its newly developed profile supports a safe and fuel-saving driving throughout the summer season. Thanks to specially positioned blocks and grooves of Tar23 has excellent characteristics in the wet. Several Japanese car manufacturers use the Toyo Tar23 during initial assembly.

Sporty design for enhanced driving dynamics

Toyo tyres are often the first choice for motorists who rely on sportiness and increased safety. These tyres have the latest technology for improved driving dynamics. Among the most high-performance tyres of the Japanese brand is one of Tar23. This newly developed tyre is specially designed for comfort and sportiness, so that it is versatile. It delivers enhanced cornering stability on highways and simultaneously ensures smooth driving of cars at high speeds on the highway.

First-class wet grip

Thanks to its newly developed profile of Tar23 allows an excellent ride on paved roads up to speeds of 240 km/h. Dynamically shaped and differently positioned tread blocks improve cornering stability and significantly improving the braking performance at elevated temperature asphalt. Three longitudinal grooves, one of which is particularly wide, promise an effective water drainage. The risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced in this way. Thanks to its high silica content in the rubber compound of Tar23 developed significantly less noise at high tempo. Due to the low rolling resistance, a particularly high fuel efficiency is achieved, so that cars consume less fuel per 100 km up to half a liter. Sportiness and increased driving comfort reach drivers with Fulda tyres .

The Toyo Tar23 is a high performance tyre with perfectly balanced properties. He supports a sporty driving on winding country roads and increases comfort during long highway trips. Thanks to good reliability of Tar23 is often the first choice of Asian carmakers during the initial assembly of their vehicles. Toyo also designs quality SUV tyre for enhanced performance and comfort on paved roads.

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