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Toledo TL1000 Tyres

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Toledo TL1000 Tyre

The Touring Summer Tyre Toledo TL1000 is designed for medium-sized passenger cars, sedans, and cruising vehicles. Toledo is popular mainly based on the unique design, durability and superb features to protect against summer heat and wet skidding.

Relax and Enjoy without Weather Tension

The Toledo TL1000 tyre incorporates European design and distinguished technology to combats the hurdles presented by summer season effectively. The interior rib is crafted for perfect traction and reduced risk of hydroplaning. The spine stabilises the wheel in hot weather with fluctuating temperatures. The tyre TL1000 is well appreciated for wet surface grip and keeps your car stable around the corners. Being summer tyres, it’s no surprise that the tyres tend to harden up and start acting up when the temperature drops below 10 Celsius.

Tyre Toledo TL1000 - The Perfect Cruising Companion

If you’re a summer adventurer looking for a comfortable yet smooth ride, the tyre Toledo TL1000 is the way to go! They deliver the strong ground to your vehicle and allow it to face challenges of all summer surfaces and climates!

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