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Tigar Syneris Tyre

If you want to buy a tyre that not only comes at an affordable price but is also offer top quality strength and durability then look no further. Tigar Syneris Tyre is the best choice to invest your money. This Serbian giant is built to perform in most of the road conditions. It is one of the best summer tyres on the market that you will find in this price range.

What does tyre Tigar Syneris has to offer?

The tyre Tigar Syneris features a single directional arrow design pattern for the tread which improves the road grip and delivers maximum traction. Furthermore, there are broad shoulder blocks on the edges. It means that the tyre can handle cornering very well. The small shaped central blocks are there to keep the ride bump-free. There are three grooves (longitudinal) for reducing aquaplaning and getting rid of the wet from the tyre surface.

Low Maintenance effort

If you want your Syneris tyre to perform for a long time, then you need to make sure that you don’t overload your vehicle. In addition to that, you must also so for regular wheel alignment checks. The tread should not drop down 1.6mm. Anything below this mark and your tyre are considered to be worn out. Also, keep a close eye on the inflation pressure of your tyre.

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