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Studded tyres

Studded tyres are winter-only tyres. They cause damage to roads even during the winter, but the point is that they also cut their way through snow and black ice. In most circumstances, even the best winter tyres are unable to maintain their stability on thick black ice, or even on slushy ice. With the use of tyre studs, a tyre is able to grip the actual ice itself, meaning that some vehicles may even climb a very icy hill if they have spike tyres.

Studded Tyres Features

There is a little bit of conflict as to what are defined to be studded tyres. In most cases, it means tyres that have metal studs in them. In some cases, it means very chunky tyres that are only suitable for winter travel. Either way, the grip on the tyres is going to do well in the snow and on icy conditions. On hard and frosty off-road surfaces, the studs should provide added grip. On roads that are snowy or have compressed snow or ice (due to traffic), a studded tyre should allow a vehicle to pass through without much fuss.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Spiked Tyres

If you are thinking of using tyres with spikes, then consider if you are going off-road or you are staying on road. If you are going off-road then remember that tyres with studs are not always good on very wet and muddy surfaces. They will churn up the dirt in muddy areas and make it worse. On the other hand, if the off-road area you are travelling has hard snow, frozen terrain, or thick black ice, then whatever studded tyres price you pay will be worth the money. If you are staying on the road, then use these tyres in areas where the snow is hard, compressed, or where there is thick ice. Do not use these on regular roads and during non-icy times because they damage road surfaces, and the studs will blunt overly quickly, making the tyres less effective during the winter.

Getting the Best Tyres with Spikes

You are really going to have to shop around for cheap studded tyres because the most effective winter types, the ones for very harsh weather, are often difficult to find. Most suppliers assume that people are not travelling around in very stormy, very snowy, or very icy conditions. If you are looking for the best prices for your studded tyres, then be prepared to do a lot of online research.

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