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Star Performer SPTS AS, cheap winter tyres

It's a bad idea to be on ice, snow and icy conditions without winter tyres on the road - who is driving with summer tyres, even risking his insurance in an accident. Motorists, while driving safely, but not want to spend too much money, can resort to tyre series Star Performer SPTS AS.

Cheap alternative to branded winter tyres

The Star Performer SPTS AS should be a winter tyre for virtually all types of passenger cars. Therefore, it is available in sizes 14 to 17 inches. The Star Performer SPTS AS is particularly wide, therefore makes with matching alloy wheels or steel wheels and a good visual impression. Open to the individual models for speed classes of T and V, ie from 190 km/h to 240 km/h. To select and XL versions with higher load capacity. Whether a small car or a midsize sedan to be equipped, the Star Performer SPTS AS provides an affordable alternative to in any case brand winter tyres as the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D represents.

Solid performance on snowy roads

On dry roads the Star Performer SPTS AS shows a solid performance. The drivability on snow also knows how to impress. On snow and ice, the Star Performer SPTS AS presents everyday use. Of course, it is marked with the M + S mark for mud and snow tyres. The profile is designed with its deep sipes specifically to winter weather conditions. The rubber compounds running very quiet even on snow and ice and survive low temperatures without prejudice. Motorists are confident with the Star Performer SPTS AS go.

The Star Performer SPTS AS is a good compromise between safety and price, which convinces with its solid performance even motorists with a smaller budget.

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