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Sportiva tyres shine by their high performance

Sportiva is a tyre brand of Continental AG , the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. It is also the perfect alternative to expensive high-performance tyres of the premium manufacturer. All Sportiva car tyres are manufactured at the plants of Continental. The offer of car tyres is quite big. Summer and winter tyres of the highest quality and a long service life are guaranteed with this brand. Numerous tests are carried out under extreme conditions, prove how great the performance of these tyres for all car types.

Exclusive tyre for top performance

Whichever season is around the corner, Sportiva has the matching high-performance tyres. The vehicle class does not matter, because the assortment of brand includes different tyres for summer and winter. Car, SUV and Van can thus reinforced Conti technology are equipped with high quality tyres Sportiva. There is talk of a premium brand whose tyres are manufactured exclusively in Europe. Accordingly, they are tested under the most extreme conditions that occur on European roads.

The best tyres Sportiva

The Super Z is a tyre which has an optimized and modern profile. This achieves not only improved handling but also safety at the highest level. The car tyre is thus perfectly suited for high-horsepower sports car. The model T70 is hand intended for small cars. The tyre width is 155 mm. It is perfectly usable as summer tyres. By a low rolling resistance, a lower fuel consumption can be expected. Winter tyres as the Sportiva Snow Win provide good traction in extreme weather conditions such as snow or rain.

Sportiva has high-performance tyres in all sizes and for every season. Motorists who drive Sportiva tyres, know the benefits of this brand.

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