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Buy lawn mower tyres online with confidence

The same as buying any other type of tyre online, it can pay you to have some prior information. Firstly, there’s a wide and varied range to choose from and many suppliers; also, established brands of lawn mower tyres available to you as well as other budget brands, which may be cost-effective, but be sure about the quality!.

If you’re doing some research before buying then take into account that most turf care tyres have a Ply Rating, which also represents the weight a tyre will carry and its load capacity. Generally, you should buy lawn mower tyres online with a lower ply rating than currently displayed on your machine.

Surf the turf and buy lawn mower tyres online

Also to note is the speed index of your tyres, which applies to the maximum safe travel speed of a tyre. It’s represented with a letter, (A1) for very slow, to (Y and beyond) for very fast. Admittedly, for a turf tyre, this is a factor that doesn’t often become an issue, unless it exceeds 10 mph. However, the question of load can be an influence when you buy lawn mower tyres.

It must be regarded as crucial to the safety aspect of the machine and its occupants that a lawn mower tyre with an adequate load index is chosen. A load guide is usually combined with a tyre size Guide, but also knowing the ply rating of your tyre helps with your decision.

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