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Sonar S 888: ideal van tyres for the summer

The varied demands on vans tyres are not always easy to meet for manufacturers. In the summer tyres Series Sonar S 888 but everything worked and as the tyres provide excellent road performance, low fuel consumption and high mileage.

Sonar S 888 - lower fuel consumption and a perfect wet grip

The Sonar S 888 is excellent summer tyre for vans . The tyres are attractive because of excellent results in wet adhesion, but also energy efficiency and the volume of the external rolling noise are satisfactory. In the EU tyre label Sonar S 888 summer tyres in the wet grip, with the C class (AG) are marked. An outstanding value, since the average of all tyre series between classes E and F is. is responsible for the good performance in this area, among other things, the special tread pattern of Sonar S 888: The longitudinal grooves of the profile are very wide and thus ensure a rapid draining of water on the roadway. In addition to the special design of the tread blocks, which displaces additional water under the tyre.

Sonar - quality automobile tyres from China

The tyre manufacturer Sonar is known for cheap products with good runnability and excellent quality. The tyre series are inexpensive produced in China. To the development of new models and exploring innovative tyre technologies, several Dutch companies such as the Netherlands Europe Interstate Tyre & Rubber Company care. In various independent tests auto magazines like Auto, Motor und Sport manufacturer Sonar tyres reached often very good results. Particularly in the field of mileage and rolling noise offer tyres best. The car, truck and vans tyres Sonar have an excellent price-performance ratio.

Good value for little money: that's summarized what buyers of sonar can look forward to S 888 Summer tyres themselves. tyre Series with a better price-performance ratio are hard to find.

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