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Silverstone MT-117 Xtreme Tyres

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Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme: The mud specialist

has been developed that the Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme for extreme terrain, the tyres disclosed already at first glance. Impressive are the teeth he shows. As Mud Terrain tyres struggles of Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme also very muddy paths and comes even up where all paved roads are over.

Non-slip profile, lightweight Frameworks

Silverstone presented with the MT 117 Xtreme a tyre that is liked drivers who are sporty doing fieldwork. Off-road tours are the weatherproof and grippy tyres to a trouble-free experience. Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme thereby falls on not only by its extremely low profile. He is also particularly easy, thanks to the innovative carcass construction. Due to this construction, drivers can enter with their SUVs and cross-vehicles and off road gas. The teeth are digging deep in mud and sludge and ensure that vehicles come forward yet even after heavy rains.

Flexible and flexible side walls

The profile structure is far beyond the treads up towards the sidewall continues. Off-road tyres with such a profile design is optimal against cuts from sharp stones or branches protected. In addition, the sidewall appears to be very soft and pliable, which the Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme gives an even better road. The profile is also self-cleaning: After the tours mud and sludge fall off easily. Good Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme but really only for the site; an authorization for the open road does not have the mud specialist.

Fans of cross-Motorsports come with the Silverstone MT 117 Xtreme their money. If the tyres do not as an alternative to car tyres can be used on the road, so they impress under extreme conditions with a firm grip and excellent traction.

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