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The Semperit Comfort Life is efficient, reliable and comfortable

The Semperit Comfort Life is a tyre that the manufacturer Continental has designed especially for the needs of car in the compact class and to those in smaller middle class. As summer tyres Semperit Comfort-Life offers a reliable performance in all driving situations and will at the same time convince with his thrift.

Economical due to long service life and reduction in fuel consumption

Technically draws the Semperit Comfort Life from especially its double-leaf design. For this, the widths of the grooves on the base of the profile is reduced, which increases the stiffness of the tread blocks. It does not cause the rigid blocks to a reduction in braking performance, since the number of gripping edges is not reduced. Its economy owes the Semperit Comfort Life primarily a combination of flat contour and a rubber compound that is particularly greatly reduces the rolling resistance. The flat contour of the Semperit Comfort Life distributes pressure evenly to the ground contact area, thus contributing to a uniform wear throughout the life of this Semperit summer tyre with.

Safety and convenience for Semperit Comfort Life

The numerous block edges of the Semperit Comfort Life ensure particularly a lot of traction on all surfaces and therefore the tyre shows also good deceleration during braking, which is also in some tyre tests resulted in positive reviews. In wet road three wide grooves provide a particularly effective water absorption and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Continental has the Semperit Comfort Life also equipped with operating characteristics that allow comfortable driving. This is evident not least in the low development of noise when rolling the tyres, providing more comfort for the passengers and protects the environment from noise.

The Semperit Comfort Life is a tyre, which is characterized by economy, but also in driving comfort and safety strengths shows.

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