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Cycling has for many years been a significant contributor to our lives in general. At one stage it was even regarded as being the primary form of conveyance for many populations. Over the years it has achieved a status and become for many an integral part of their leisure and sporting activities.

As the bicycle has changed and developed into a hi-tech machine, so have the supporting accessories, with one critical example being Schwalbe Tabletop tyres !

It’s natural with Schwalbe Tabletop tyres

Cycling is generally regarded as a natural form of conveyance for us humans and has attained the distinction of being part of various cultures. It is to the extent that today there are large metropolis’s in countries worldwide that are finding the bicycle a preferred, environmental-friendly and cost-effective means of everyday transportation.

As new riders reach out to their new experience, so do the established cyclists demand even greater and more diverse performance from their machines. It has resulted in the development of new and exciting technology, including tyres. They form part of creative manufacturing initiatives designed to address the needs of determined target users.

Schwalbe Tabletop tyres meeting diverse demands

The desire of gaining financial value and quality for investment is natural but so is the fact that there are different tools for various applications and conditions. This applies to the bicycle and being tyre-wise.

Tyres, such as the Schwalbe Tabletop brand are designed for high-performance and durability. However, like any other hi-tech entity, they require a certain degree of care and attention.

A note for all cyclists; by ensuring recommended tyre pressures are observed for particular applications, help make your cycling even more rewarding, in all respects! 

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