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Sava Cargo MS

The Sava Cargo MS is a robust trailer tyre for mixed use. It is suitable for mounting on all modern truck trailers that are used in urban and long-distance transport. Its enhanced design allows use on building sites. It is equipped with the latest technologies for the safe operation of the truck throughout the year. The M + S marking guarantees a reliable performance in wintry conditions.

Increased safety for trucks with trailers

A robust tread and additionally reinforced casing are the main features that must have a truck tyre. Just as the transport with truck and trailer is also completely safe. Due to their specially shaped tread and a high quality Sava truck tyres for the most demanding use of the truck ideally suited. The new Sava Cargo MS is a modern trailer tyre with excellent properties on dry and wintry roads. Its reinforced carcass and tread allow reliable use on building sites, beyond the paved road.

Sava Cargo MS with solid construction

As a subsidiary of the well-known tyre manufacturer Goodyear Sava uses many technologies already on Goodyear truck tyres have proven to be particularly safe and reliable. So the new Sava Cargo MS has a central block arrangement, the good adhesion to wet and a good braking performance on unpaved roads allows. Sturdy shoulder ribs provide improved resistance to damage, and specifically where truck tyres are usually on erfindlichsten. Against peeling or cracking of the profile engineers use a completely new rubber compound that remains now resistant also at elevated temperature. The reinforced carcass enables the Sava Cargo MS increased mileage and supporting the full load capacity of the trailer.

Reliable operation of the trailer in all weather conditions - enabling the Sava Cargo MS with its unique rubber compound and carcass profile construction. The high performance characteristics of these tyres can also be used beyond the paved road. It is ideal for demanding use on construction sites. In addition to truck tyres of Slovenian tradition Manufacturer Sava also offers premium truck tyres .

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